Testimonial – Surprising Results for Cancer treatment – by MK in Japan. December 2017

It was in December 2017 that I met Mirjana. It was less than a week since I had been diagnosed with cancer and I had some life-changing decisions to make.

Mirjana gave me hope, I was fascinated by her generous and warm-hearted personality. She never pushes too hard and she never opposes anything. Indeed, she doesn't oppose the three major conventional cancer treatments, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She gives great support to her patients though executing Qi-gong, offering advice and generally keeping an eye on them. I was grateful for her support and for respecting my ideas and my decisions.

The results from Mirjana's sessions were surprising.

It was nothing but luck but the timing of meeting Mirjana was just perfect. I deeply appreciate her generosity and her tremendous support.

Read the case study.

~ MK Japan

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