Testimonial – Iggy, a beautiful girl Hedgehog – by Sybille Germany, 25.04.2018

I found Iggy the Black Forest (Germany) with a broken jaw and blocked nose.  She couldn’t eat properly and had a hard time breathing. Since Mirjana was teaching and performing healing sessions in our area I brought Iggy for a few short healing sessions.  Her nose started clearing quickly after the first session and her jaw was healed as well after the few sessions, she could eat better!    Iggy is a wonderful healthy young lady now of about 1 Kilogram and “the world is hers”. Without Mirjana's help this would not have been possible. Thank you so much!

~ Sybille Germany - 25.04.2018

Testimonial – Using Qiflow tools for healing daily issues- by Sybille Schmelzle, Germany – 25.04.2018

Hi Mirjana,

"I am always very happy to see you and every time I take part of your class is a wonderful experience.  

Last week I cleaned my garden furniture for about three hours with a brush and in the evening and during the whole night I had strong pain in the right shoulder, the whole arm and every single finger – it felt like an inflammation of the shoulder and nerve pain. The next day I had to work – so what to do…

I remembered the exercise – inhale and exhale with the inner mind focused on the back of the head.

 I did this for about half an hour in the evening, during the walk with my dog and for about twenty minutes in the morning. I could hardly believe it – the pain became less – I was able to give massages for four hours! 

In the evening of course the pain was stronger – I did the exercise again – next day much better and the second day – no more pain. It was great.

From day to day I learn more about myself – my patterns and how to deal with them. Feeling the Qi opens up new possibilities.”

~ Sybille - Germany 25th April 2018

Testimonial – Successful Energy Healing for Fibroid by Lynn

Highly Recommended

Mirjana is very professional and personalized in her approach. She exudes an aura of calmness and positive energy. Besides having a pleasant disposition, she is patient and gentle.

Like the Qi, Mirjana makes everything simple, effortlessly and free flowing. Nothing is complicated or strenuous.

She is truly passionate about energy healing and cares about her paitients.

I would recommend her highly to anyone who require emotional or health related healing.

~ Lynn

Read the case study.

Testimonial – Qigong classes – by Pauline Crawford Omps

"Mirjana has a beautiful calmness that flows into her class on Qigong. Having been to her sessions for over a year now, I feel very blessed to have met her and to understand the nature of chi and it's healing energy. The breath is so important especially when on a fast track work schedule as I am, Mirjana has helped me balance my life and find peace".
~ Pauline Crawford-Omps

Testimonial – Lung cancer

Doctors in Paris from a renowned hospital diagnosed my 74 year old father with cancer in October this year. With a big lump in his lungs, body metastasis and a very bad shortness of breath, the outcome was very pessimistic. We were devastated by the sudden news and my father prompted me to return to Paris as soon as possible.

A week later when the overall test results came out, we were all taken by surprise. My father would live! Even the doctors were bluffed by the extra ordinary results: My father had no cancer. The tumour was benign and all the metastasis had disappeared!

Mirjana has been so wonderful throughout the episode. She adjusted her time (even with the 7 hours time difference) and shared kind and comforting words full of love and care.

There is no miracle
In this! We are all connected and Mirjana is a facilitator of sharing this pure healing energy to opened receivers. She is a wonderful soul who aspires to support people round the world in their suffering endeavours. May you be blessed Mirjana for your kindness and eternal love.

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Testimonial – Energy Healing workshops ~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

Since I am into energy healing and Qi stuff anyway, I decided that I definitely want to learn from Mirjana. She is a dedicated teacher and my calling made her come to Germany and holding a workshop – Wow! I took her Workshop Level 1 and just can say WOW again... She emanates such a presence and clarity... I never experienced that before. Her teaching is very clear and the exercises are so effective. Not only was I blown away, the whole group was loaded up with Qi and we all felt happy and inspired. She taught and answered any question with such profound knowledge and understanding. And also - quite important for the scientist in me - she is very down to earth and has a rather scientific approach.

Meeting her and being blessed to be her student now is a life changing experience for me! She is a very humble, generous, patient, cordial – all in one an authentic person. She is actually like one would expect such kind of teacher to be but rarely find. Thank you for coming into my life!!!

Read the case study.

~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

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