Hi Mirjana,

"I am always very happy to see you and every time I take part of your class is a wonderful experience.  

Last week I cleaned my garden furniture for about three hours with a brush and in the evening and during the whole night I had strong pain in the right shoulder, the whole arm and every single finger – it felt like an inflammation of the shoulder and nerve pain. The next day I had to work – so what to do…

I remembered the exercise – inhale and exhale with the inner mind focused on the back of the head.

 I did this for about half an hour in the evening, during the walk with my dog and for about twenty minutes in the morning. I could hardly believe it – the pain became less – I was able to give massages for four hours! 

In the evening of course the pain was stronger – I did the exercise again – next day much better and the second day – no more pain. It was great.

From day to day I learn more about myself – my patterns and how to deal with them. Feeling the Qi opens up new possibilities.”

~ Sybille - Germany 25th April 2018

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