Doctors in Paris from a renowned hospital diagnosed my 74 year old father with cancer in October this year. With a big lump in his lungs, body metastasis and a very bad shortness of breath, the outcome was very pessimistic. We were devastated by the sudden news and my father prompted me to return to Paris as soon as possible.

A week later when the overall test results came out, we were all taken by surprise. My father would live! Even the doctors were bluffed by the extra ordinary results: My father had no cancer. The tumour was benign and all the metastasis had disappeared!

Mirjana has been so wonderful throughout the episode. She adjusted her time (even with the 7 hours time difference) and shared kind and comforting words full of love and care.

There is no miracle
In this! We are all connected and Mirjana is a facilitator of sharing this pure healing energy to opened receivers. She is a wonderful soul who aspires to support people round the world in their suffering endeavours. May you be blessed Mirjana for your kindness and eternal love.

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