Since I am into energy healing and Qi stuff anyway, I decided that I definitely want to learn from Mirjana. She is a dedicated teacher and my calling made her come to Germany and holding a workshop – Wow! I took her Workshop Level 1 and just can say WOW again... She emanates such a presence and clarity... I never experienced that before. Her teaching is very clear and the exercises are so effective. Not only was I blown away, the whole group was loaded up with Qi and we all felt happy and inspired. She taught and answered any question with such profound knowledge and understanding. And also - quite important for the scientist in me - she is very down to earth and has a rather scientific approach.

Meeting her and being blessed to be her student now is a life changing experience for me! She is a very humble, generous, patient, cordial – all in one an authentic person. She is actually like one would expect such kind of teacher to be but rarely find. Thank you for coming into my life!!!

Read the case study.

~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

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