Private One to one sessions

Jump start your healing process, relieve pain and take the path to wellness.

Chose from Distance or Live Healing sessions

  • Distance Healing Session 30 minute -  30 Euros
  • Distance Healing Session 1 hour -  60 Euros (recommended for first time Healing)
  • Live Healing Session 1 hour 80 Euros

To book your session or a series of sessions, use the Paypal button below to prepay for your private consultation and then contact Mirjana to arrange a time for your appointment. 

Mirjana travels to different countries regularly please check for locations and timing by email. If you have a financial problem please write in for a price request.

Options for Private Sessions

Testimonial – Using Qiflow tools for healing daily issues- by Sybille Schmelzle, Germany – 25.04.2018

Hi Mirjana, "I am always very happy to see you and every time I take part of your class is a wonderful experience.   Last week I cleaned my garden furniture for about three hours with a brush and in the evening and during the whole night I had strong pain in the right...

Testimonial – Successful Energy Healing for Fibroid by Lynn

Highly Recommended Mirjana is very professional and personalized in her approach. She exudes an aura of calmness and positive energy. Besides having a pleasant disposition, she is patient and gentle. Like the Qi, Mirjana makes everything simple, effortlessly and free...

Testimonial – Lung cancer

Doctors in Paris from a renowned hospital diagnosed my 74 year old father with cancer in October this year. With a big lump in his lungs, body metastasis and a very bad shortness of breath, the outcome was very pessimistic. We were devastated by the sudden news and my...

Testimonial – Healing a chronic leg problem – Sybille Schmelzle, Germany 22.02.2018

Hi Mirjana, Now – a few weeks after your treatment I would like to tell you, that I feel much more better than I ever felt. Nearly no problems with my legs any more. Thank you so much! ~ Sybille Schmelzle, Germany 22.02.2018

Testimonial – Surprising Results for Cancer treatment – by MK in Japan. December 2017

It was in December 2017 that I met Mirjana. It was less than a week since I had been diagnosed with cancer and I had some life-changing decisions to make. Mirjana gave me hope, I was fascinated by her generous and warm-hearted personality. She never pushes too hard...

Animal Healing

Mirjana regularly works with a variety of animals helping them with their healing process. To find out more, please send an email to enquire about your animal's particular issues.

Testimonial – Iggy, a beautiful girl Hedgehog – by Sybille Germany, 25.04.2018

I found Iggy the Black Forest (Germany) with a broken jaw and blocked nose.  She couldn’t eat properly and had a hard time breathing. Since Mirjana was teaching and performing healing sessions in our area I brought Iggy for a few short healing sessions.  Her nose...

Testimonial – Energy healing horses ~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

I also let her take on my pony, a very tough case. His condition worsened more and more and I am quite sure without her he would be in a very critical state now. She uncovered the reason behind his illnesses and removed dedicated and continuously his persistent and...

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