MiQi Energy Medicine

Miqi Energy Medicine is a system that teaches the process of working skilfully with the life force energy also called Qi, for the purpose of alleviating any symptoms of disbalance or illness be it physical, mental, emotional or behavioural.  Every problem can be helped or overcome by freeing up the flow of  Qi  and shifting the blockages that are the underlying root cause of those conditions.


Mirjana created this system not only by the knowledge that she integrated from practicing Qigong, Reiki & Yoga, but also from the most valuable insights she gained through healing her own health problems and helping others to heal theirs.  It is this hands on experience that gives real depth to the power of Miqi Energy Medicine.  We all need guidance, principles, and efficient tools to start with and this is what Mirjana imparts and shares with you.  At the same time we all have our own very unique distillation process that happens naturally and brings out our very own gifts.  Miqi Energy Medicine takes into account the particular needs and gifts of every participant.

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