Learn Self Healing

Online or Offline classes, learn how to reach optimal health & take new charge of your life.

  1. Join our Qiflow weekly online or live classes every Wednesday GMT 11:30 am - 1 pm and Sunday GMT 1 am -2:30 am
    Please inquire by email to join.
  2. Learn Medical Qigong
  • Qiflow Medical Qigong Level I & Zhineng Qigong Level I
  • Qiflow Medical Qigong Level II & Zhineng Qigong Level II
  • Qiflow Medical Qigong Certified Teacher Examination

Testimonial – Qigong classes – by Pauline Crawford Omps

"Mirjana has a beautiful calmness that flows into her class on Qigong. Having been to her sessions for over a year now, I feel very blessed to have met her and to understand the nature of chi and it's healing energy. The breath is so important especially when on a...

Testimonial – Energy Healing workshops ~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

Since I am into energy healing and Qi stuff anyway, I decided that I definitely want to learn from Mirjana. She is a dedicated teacher and my calling made her come to Germany and holding a workshop – Wow! I took her Workshop Level 1 and just can say WOW again... She...

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