Case Study – Energy Healing for Horses ~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

After suffering from migraines and body weakness for more than 20 years with many different healing attempts, Mirjana was recommended to me by my Tai Ji teacher. At first I was quite a bit reluctant just to try it all over again. However at that point I was suffering from 2-3 migraine attacks per week, so I gave it a half-hearted go. And what can I say: WOW!

She has a very systematical and at the same time highly intuitive healing approach. I was deeply impressed by her very profound and deep understanding of Qi Gong healing. Actually I had heard of such kind of people but I had already given up on meeting someone like her. After the healing session my constantly fuzzy head was very clear and stayed like that. My body weakness disappeared. She also gives homework (specific Medical Qi Gong exercises) to support the induced healing process. So my healing process started and then I just had very few and weaker migraine attacks which interestingly coincided with the negligence of my homework. After a few months I got another healing session with Mirjana and since then I knock on wood...

I also let her take on my pony, a very tough case. His condition worsened more and more and I am quite sure without her he would be in a very critical state now. She uncovered the reason behind his illnesses and removed dedicated and continuously his persistent and deep blockages and induced his healing process. He is NOW healing!

Since I am into energy healing and Qi stuff anyway, I decided that I definitely want to learn from Mirjana. She is a dedicated teacher and my calling made her come to Germany and holding a workshop – Wow! I took her Workshop Level 1 and just can say WOW again... She emanates such a presence and clarity... I never experienced that before. Her teaching is very clear and the exercises are so effective. Not only was I blown away, the whole group was loaded up with Qi and we all felt happy and inspired. She taught and answered any question with such profound knowledge and understanding. And also - quite important for the scientist in me - she is very down to earth and has a rather scientific approach.

Meeting her and being blessed to be her student now is a life changing experience for me! She is a very humble, generous, patient, cordial – all in one an authentic person. She is actually like one would expect such kind of teacher to be but rarely find. Thank you for coming into my life!!!

~ Dr. Pia Walch-Liu, Germany March 2018

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