Doctors in Paris from a renowned hospital diagnosed my 74 year old father with cancer in October this year. With a big lump in his lungs, body metastasis and a very bad shortness of breath, the outcome was very pessimistic . We were devastated by the sudden news and my father prompted me to return to Paris as soon as possible.

To confirm though how far the cancer had spread and find out the origin of it, a whole range of examination including a very risky biopsy in his lung that could lead to internal bleeding, had to be done over the week.

I was actually traveling at that time and was based on a beautiful serene lake in Myanmar. I remember that while watching the sunset I was crying in tears feeling so devastated and hopeless.

The next day morning I regained some sort of inner energy and reached out to Mirjana with whom I shared the urgency of the situation. I have known this beautiful lady for over 13 years and I knew that she was performing distant healing. I sent her a photo of my father and told her the diagnosis. Mirjana was as calm as ever. She told me that everything will be fine and that she will make herself available. We both planned suitable timing for the distant session between Paris and KL. Mirjana told me that my father just needed to switch off his phone, be present mentally and open his heart to the receiving energy. Honestly he was sceptical as a very rational human being but he ‘played’ along as he did not really have any alternative.

Mirjana suggested on having the 15 minute sessions before each key examination especially the morning of the biopsy. She gave 4 sessions to my father during this stressful week of waiting for further results. Once I even joined in by meditating and it was one of the most powerful meditation I ever performed. Mirjana and I were synchronised and I could visualise the pure and bright white energy around us three.

Even though this week was one of the most difficult one in my life, I felt at peace to some extent and I trusted Mirjana to heal him. My father was obedient and following the given direction but without faith.

A week later when the overall test results came out, we were all taken by surprise. My father would live! Even the doctors were bluffed by the extra ordinary results: My father had no cancer. The tumour was benign and all the metastasis had disappeared!
They finally diagnosed him with a pulmonary embolism which required blood thinner tablets..only! Not to say that it is not a serious condition but definitely not as serious as a last stage lung cancer!

Mirjana has been so wonderful throughout the episode. She adjusted her time (even with the 7 hours time difference) and shared kind and comforting words full of love and care.

There is no miracle
In this! We are all connected and Mirjana is a facilitator of sharing this pure healing energy to opened receivers. She is a wonderful soul who aspires to support people round the world in their suffering endeavours. May you be blessed Mirjana for your kindness and eternal love.

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