Testimony for Mirjana - by Lynn

I was grieving over the lost of a loved one. Later I was diagnosed with a very huge fibroid. Although doctors recommended hysterectomy,I wanted to try non- surgical alternative healing.

Due to the heavy periods, I was anemic, lethargic and low in energy. To relieve the painful periods, I kept popping panadols. I felt breathless just walking up the stairs. Every step was a pain. The doctor recommended blood transfusion for my anemia which I dismissed.

My legs swelled every now and then. I had pains on both my arms and had difficulty reaching my back. Besides looking pale, I was also losing my hair.

Workshop by Mirjana

I attended an Energy healing workshop conducted by Mirjana and consulted her about my health issue. She suggested I try her energy healing sessions.

Healing with Mirjana

I started energy healing sessions with Mirjana. The sessions were relaxed and comfortable. I felt calmer, peaceful, more energetic and slept more soundly after the healing sessions.

During her healing, I experienced tinkling sensation around my head and various parts of my body. Warm energy traveled through my body without her touching my body.

She has also recommended changes in diet, lifestyle and practising the Qiflow exercises daily for my healing. The Qi flow exercises were gentle and easy movements. I was weak and could not master strenuous exercise.

To further enhance the healing, she recommended a detox program and the types of supplements to take.

With her guidance and encouragement, I gradually incorporated the changes she recommended into my lifestyle and practiced the Qiflow exercises diligently everyday.

I also attended Mirjana’s Qiflow sessions twice a week and the monthly retreats, which I enjoyed very much.



Grieving and depressed
Feeling down and weak
Low energy
Disturbed sleep
Very anemic
Painful and heavy periods
Pain in both my arms, have difficulty in reaching my back
Swollen feet
My hair was falling

After one month treatment

No more painful and heavy periods, no more discomfort.
Feeling more energetic and calm
Pain in my arms have dissapeared
No more swelling on my feet

After 2 months treatment

The fibroid shrank significantly
Feeling happy and energetic everyday
Lost 6 kg
Feeling flexible and fluid in my movements
Feel healthy, energetic and happy
Look radiant, less wrinkle
Skin improved
Some hair growth

Qiflow exercise

Started to feel the warm Qi flowing
Feel the warmth in my body and sweat from the exercise.
Positive thinking
Avoided negative people and comments

Going to 5 months

The fibroid continue to shrink
Feel calm, peaceful and happier
My body is stronger, healthier and energetic
I look younger, trimmer and more radiant
I feel a spring in my steps

Highly Recommended

Mirjana is very professional and personalized in her approach. She exudes an aura of calmness and positive energy. Besides having a pleasant disposition, she is patient and gentle.

Like the Qi, Mirjana makes everything simple, effortlessly and free flowing. Nothing is complicated or strenuous.

She is truly passionate about energy healing and cares about her paitients.

I would recommend her highly to anyone who require emotional or health related healing.

~ Lynn

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