It was in December 2017 that I met Mirjana. It was less than a week since I had been diagnosed with cancer and I had some life-changing decisions to make. Would I continue to work? Where, and to what extent, should I undertake treatment? I hadn't really adjusted to the idea that I had cancer, and I didn't have any knowledge about the illness and what treatments were available. But I was sure of one thing. I wanted to choose the treatment I would receive. I didn't want to just follow the doctors direction.

My Medical Qi-gong master is French women who mastered it in China, and has about 30 years experience. She has her own remarkable story having achieved complete remission from thyroid cancer herself.

Saying that, it is quite difficult to trust something invisible. So, of course I was sceptical about alternative treatments including Qi-gong. But, as soon as I met her, I felt that I wanted to trust her. According to Mirjana, being sick meant I had to change my lifestyle, my way of thinking and, indeed, my entire life up to that point. If I could do that, the illness which I had generated myself could be cured. Knowing how the human body has amazing power, I felt reason to hope.

At the same time as Mirjana gave me hope, I was fascinated by her generous and warm-hearted personality. She never pushes too hard and she never opposes anything. Indeed, she doesn't oppose the three major conventional cancer treatments, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She gives great support to her patients though executing Qi-gong, offering advice and generally keeping an eye on them. I was grateful for her support and for respecting my ideas and my decisions.

After considering all my lifestyle and medical options I chose a combination of Medical Qi-gong and elements of the three major conventional cancer treatments. In addition, I adopted a lifestyle of Qi-gong practice, diet, detoxification under her guidance.

Mirjana's treatment session begins with her spending a great deal of time listening to me, the patient. She gives guidance on how to cope with fear and distress, and answers questions about Qi-gong, the diet and so on. After this, she moves onto the treatment. When I receive her light and quiet Qi, my body get slightly warmer and I feel that the Qi moves and flows over my body. Then, when something stuck escapes from the body, the tips of my fingers tingle and feel like they are heavy and swollen. I sometimes visualise some colours in my mind.

The results from Mirjana's sessions were surprising. After my very first treatment the strong pains which I had endured on the left side of my upper body for some months disappeared. Moreover, after four treatments, there were no signs of cancer in one part of my body where cancer had been suspected as a result of an ultrasound scan. Also, I found that as my body recovered, so did my mental and emotional health. I gradually let go of feelings I had kept pent up for a long time. More importantly, I was glad that I was able to regain my calm composure.

I think I have shown lots of weaknesses to Mirjana and the path I am on has been very challenging. The diet is still not easy and I am still not free of the risk of the cancer reoccurring. But, thanks to Mirjana, I am able to look back over all that has happened over the last several months with a tranquil state of mind.

It was nothing but luck but the timing of meeting Mirjana was just perfect. I deeply appreciate her generosity and her tremendous support.

~ MK Japan



とはいえ、目に見えないものを信じるのは難しいもので、代替医療の気功は怪しいのではないかという疑問はもちろんありました。でも、Mirjana 先生との面談でこの人を信じてみたいという直感が働きました。先生によると、病気になったということはこれまでの生活習慣や生き方、考え方を見直す必要があるということ。そうすれば自分で産み出した病気は治るのだと。そのぐらい人の身体は驚くべき力を秘めていることを知り、希望が感じられたからです。


そして、最終的に私が選んだのは医療気功と三大療法の一部です。この他に先生の指導のもと、自分で行なう気功の訓練 、食事療法、デトックスを採り入れることにしました。




~ MK Japan

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