About the Founder

Hello dear friends!

I work with Qi Energy & I help others learn the power of consciously living with Qi for improving health & all facets of our life experience.

Qi  is my life. I am excited and passionate about all aspects of  Qi, Qigong, and working with the Human Qi Potential; its ability to raise our vibrations, heal, energise and transform us.

Qi energy is life source. It is the vital source of energy that creates life, but it is more than that. When we connect deeply and intimately to it, it changes us for the better. By consciously working with Qi we learn to develop awareness of our infinite self & our infinite loving compassion.  It might take some time to realize the true power of working with Qi, but healing results can be experienced rather quickly.

Amidst the “busyness” of modern life, if we know a few Qi tools, we can remain calm, focussed, clear-headed, productive and have more time on our hands.  Mastering the vastness and consciousness of  Qi  energy, helps us overcome all life’s challenges more smoothly, with more serenity and achieve fulfilment, inner peace and joy.  I have learnt this by healing myself from serious illnesses that were diagnosed as incurable, yet I healed fully and I know how I did it, which is not by chance but by understanding and working with Qi!

As Energy Healer and Teacher I help others improve their health and wellbeing. I have founded MiQi Energy Medicine and Qiflow Medical Qigong, as a comprehensive natural healing system which is easy to learn and master. This stems from my personal practice, learning & experiencing primarily different systems of Medical Qigong, but also Reiki, Raja Yoga and Meditation.

I am also a mother, daughter, wife, friend, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, pet owner and so many other things, but when you strip away the labels and you see the various facets for what they are – as experiential, enriching parts of the whole sum of life –what I am is very simply a lifelong student of  Qi.

Remembering You with Nilanthi Dayananda

Official Bio

Mirjana is known for her mastery of energy healing as well as teaching others how to quickly experience the power of working and healing with Qi.  

She is the founder of Miqi Energy Medicine & Qiflow Medical Qigong, easy to learn systems that combine result oriented techniques for the purpose of self-healing or healing others with Qi.

Mirjana is certified in Medical Qigong as practitioner and teacher of Zhineng Qigong/China founder by Grand Master Pang Ming and Wellness Medical Qigong Malaysia founded by Grand Master Tan.  She is also a Reiki Master and Raja Yoga practitioner. She has a unique way in teaching all the best from what she has learnt and experienced in energy medicine.

Mirjana first discovered Qigong and Taijiquan while living in China in the 80ies and studied with different Qigong Masters.  While practicing these Qi Energy arts in Beijing she experienced periods of total bliss and flow. At the time she lived in very basic and simple conditions with little material comfort, yet she lived surrounded in true beauty of pure consciousness & joy.  

In the early 90ies she went back to Europe and settled down in France to raise a family and engaged in a business career.  However, towards the turn of the century she felt compelled to go back to Asia. Although she was sent to Asia as part of her successful corporate career, Mirjana took this opportunity to plunge ever more deeply into practicing, learning & experiencing Qigong, Yoga & Meditation.

Progressively, Mirjana expanded her awareness, deepened her knowing & experienced a life-changing awakening in 2013.  

Since then she has taken up her mission of teaching & helping others heal, release suffering & enjoy life through understanding, knowing & experiencing Qiflow!

Mirjana has a strong calming energy and conveys a powerful, yet soothing energy experience through her step by step guidance and easy approach.  She helps people transform their lives by practicing Qiflow & experiencing health, joy, balance and passion.

Mirjana’s teachers

(details about Mirjana's teachers coming soon... )

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